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Asia Wins Queens Cup!

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Daily News from P&B

ASIA WINS East vs. West Queens Cup

(Sunday, April 19, 2015) - Asia WINS!!!
Fittingly, hardworking Captain Rubilen Amit pockets the final 10-Ball and gets bombarded by confetti and her teammates. It was an epic battle of ups and downs on Day 3, but Asia retains the AM8.com Queens Cup (Manilla, Philippines, Apr. 16-19) with a hard fought 10-7 final score.
Watch the re-plays on the loop at queenscuppool.com

Super Billiards Expo

April 16-19 at the Great Philadelphia Expo Center

(Wednesday, April 15, 2015) This year’s Super Billiards Expo, April 16-19, 2015 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  In addition to the exhibitors, the Super Billiards Expo also features 8 different divisions in its Amateur Players Championship series of events. 

The Super Billiards Expo is also home to the TAP League’s annual Rally in the Valley event, which brings in over 1000 TAP League members for a competitive and fun-filled weekend. 

The Super Billiards Expo also features three different professional events. Call (609) 652-6116.

Lin Yuan-Chun Wins Amway eSping Women's 9-Ball

(Monday, April 13, 2015) Lin Yuan-Chun (TPE) won the 2015 eSpring Amway International Women’s 9 Ball Championship (April 9-12, Taipei, Taiwan) by defeating Rubilen Amit (PHI)11-8. Angeline Ticoalu (INA) &  Liu Yu- Chen (CHN) tied for 3rd.

The Smaller the Target, the Smaller the Miss

(Monday, April 13, 2015) A lot can be said for playing "Zone" position. But there are great advantages to setting goals of "Exact" position. Find the exact spot you want your cue ball to arrive at and go for it. This will show you the nuances that exist in exact position play in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Straight Pool.

The Hustlers, New TV Docu-Series

Premiering Monday May 4th @ 9pm EST on TruTV! 

(Sunday, April 12, 2015) Get an inside look at the high-stakes world of competitive pool with truTV's The Hustlers. This new docu-series follows top-ranked pool sharks as they play for cash, pride and bragging rights.

“Every player worth his or her weight in chalk must earn a spot at the table, but having the skills to sink balls is only part of the game. Alliances are formed, but when big money and even bigger egos come into play, friendships are fleeting. Negotiating your way back into good standing takes as much skill as the game itself.” truTV has ordered 10 one hour episodes for this series, which comes to the network from Pilgrim Studios. 

Marcus Chamat Named Euro Captain


(Friday, April 10, 2015) Sweden’s Marcus Chamat, a six-time 

Mosconi Cup veteran, will take the helm for Team Europe when 

the 2015 event takes place at the Tropicana in Las Vegas in December.

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